BBC on Social Networking

Here is an interestingg post I found on the BBC Internet Blog. It addresses the issues of the BBC using social networking sites to find pictures of people.                     

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Editor’s Picks

Heres a link to an interesting section I found on It is a section dedicated to the editors favourite news and entertainment pictures with brief written descriprions beside them. I found it interesting as it contains a wide range of photos of the same events. If we were to look at an article we may only see one image attached.

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The Cult of the Amateur

Heres a link to an interesting article i found on ohmynews. It defends the growing trends of amateur journalists, while raising some interesting points which would make any journalist question their own worth.

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Weblog’s and Jounalism

Weblogs and Journalism: Do
 They Connect?
‘… the vast majority of Weblogs do not
provide original reporting—
for me, the heart of all journalism.’
Rebecca Blood

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Live Media

Here is an interesting piece I found on Buzz Machine

The challenge of live search

March 18th, 2008

As the web turns live — with broadcasters streaming and with anyone carrying a mobile phone broadcasting — the next big challenge for search will be how we can find what’s going on while it’s going on. How can we search the live web?

I’ve written here before that witnesses sharing what they see via video from their mobile phones will change the essential architecture of news. No longer will CNN tell witnesses to send things to them that they then vet, package, and present to the world. When a Qik or Flixwagon user sees live news and broadcasts it on the web, it won’t be through CNN. CNN’s challenge will be to find it and its choice will be to link to it or embed it or not. That changes the role of a news organization in the ecology of news. It might even take them out of the flow of much of live news unless they can come up with systems to find and recommend what’s happening now.


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MySpace to host Five News

Channel Five and MySpace have signed a deal for the TV network to supply the social network’s video service with a daily news bulletin.

According to Five News, it has become the official news partner for and will supply an exclusive, youth-orientated bulletin just before 5pm every weekday presented by Natasha Kaplinsky.

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Kentucky lawmaker proposes to ban anonymous online posts

A state representative in Kentucky has filed a bill that would require website publishers to collect the real name, street and e-mail address of each person who posts to their sites. Publishers would be fined $500 for the first anonymous comment and $1,000 each subsequent violation.

If this motion came to pass it would effectively see the end, in Kentucky at least, of the current trends in  interactive news that have become popular. In reality it will most likely see a blanket ban on Kentucky-based IPs from many webmasters.

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Here is a new piece of audio.

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Interactive News

Fox news have an intersting feature where anyone an contribute to their news output by sending in clips, Its caled uReport.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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