Weblog’s and Jounalism

Weblogs and Journalism: Do
 They Connect?
‘… the vast majority of Weblogs do not
provide original reporting—
for me, the heart of all journalism.’
Rebecca Blood

March 20, 2008. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. amandallen replied:

    As with most topics of hot debate, I don’t think there is any straight answer to this question. I personally do not feel it is the medium through which one reaches their audience that determines the merit of their journalism, but rather the quality and content of the material produced.

    There have been numerous articles which I have read within mainstream media and immediately thought to myself – How can that be considered Journalism?

    If the writer treats their blog as a serious medium through which to relay fact or informed opinion to a wider audience then it is in my opinion legitimate journalism.

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