Prominance of Advertising

I noticed on the fox news website that there is relatively few advertisements. Those which do feature however are cleverly disguised in the relevant section of the web site. For example an advertisement for a video showing you how to “dress for success” appears alongside the business news section with no real distinction between the two. Similarly a travel advertisement coinsides along with the features section and so on.

Much of the advertising on the page is for Fox programmes which is to be expected.


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CBC News Canada

Here is a Canadian news website with a feature called CBC News Editors Blog 

It is described on the website as “CBC News Editors Blog is an online feature from the CBC’s senior editors and producers that goes behind the scenes at the CBC. Our producers, editors and correspondents will discuss how and why the news is made and give you a chance to join the conversation”

We can never really tell how transparent these blogs are, presumably any content posted on a news website pushs the same agenda as the web site. The section also does not take a prominant position on the website. I discovered it through google and not the news website.

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Creating a News Website

I found a section on which provides “tips and tools” for creating an online website ranging from hard news to blogs.

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New Format has introduced a new format to the website. They now have a feature where viewers can watch video and audio clips of Irish News, Sport and Entertainment.

The structure has changed from lists of news stories to seperate boxes for each section incorporating more images than before

Also new to the site is a section for film reviews, horoscopes and soap watch.

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Grants awarded for European Support

Grants totalling almost €235,000 were announced monday by Mr Dick Roche, T.D., Minister for European Affairs. The grants awarded under the Communicating Europe Initiative 2008 scheme are being made to twenty six groups for a broad range of activities based on promoting the European Union. (more…)

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My News

Fox news have an interesting feature on their website called My News. Its a feature where the viewer can customize their very own news page. Each time thay log on they will get to view the news catagories of interest to them eg sport or home and pretend that other news doesnt exist!! 

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Rise in Complaints about Online Material

Here is an article relating to complaints made to the PCC The Press complaints commission have recieved more complaints about online material than hard copy material in 2007. This is the first time this has happened.

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Top News Websites

Here is a good website It lists the best news websites dealing with current events and global news on the web.

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News Quiz

The Guardian have a quiz section on their website at,,2020109,00.html It is changed every friday so readers can test thier knowledge of the week’s events.

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BBC in the News

There is an interesting feature in the editors section of the BBC’s website called BBC in the news. They list and provide links to a number of publications covering stories relating to the BBC.

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